Twinkle toes...

Oooooooooooh - it worked (somewhat). Thanks to a Jenn (B)'s helpful hints I got somewhat of a twinkle going! Do you see it???! Not bad for my first attempt :D

How fun!

Ten Thousand Villages...

Lucky me - we have gotten some beautiful Christmas ornaments from Derek's co-workers - whom I would consider fabulous people! Ten Thousand Villages is such a wonderful place - I had no idea that there were three stores in the city.

Candice bought us this angel - it was hand crafted in the Philippines.

And Danielle and Bryan bought us three metal ornaments that were handmade in India.

Aren't they all gorgeous??


Nightmare "snowman poop"...

So this past weekend was my Christmas Baking Weekend. I had boughten all the ingredients weeks prior with many good intentions of a fun filled baking weekend. Unfortunately, things do NOT go my way.

Nightmare #1 - Snowman Poop

There is no recipe out there for this monstrosity of a creation (that's right, my own created recipe). We have "fondly" called these things Snowman Poop.

This is how the nightmare went down:

1. The recipe that I started to follow just wasn't feeling "right" so I decided to just wing it and add all my own yummies. Bad choice on my part. I added double the cream cheese (and didn't let it get to room temp) and went in with my electric beaters. Beaters did not like that at all :(

2. Due to the beaters being stubborn, I had chocolate crap all over the kitchen. Not only was it chocolaty, but GOOEY! I have never seen anything so gooey.

3. I literally throw the goo onto a baking sheet and toss it in the oven. Surprisingly I did not burn anything this time (see below).

4. Tasty cookies? Yeah, not bad at all. They look like hell so I decide to sprinkle some icing sugar to pretty them up. Too bad I left the cookies out overnight in the cookie tin because the sugar melted into the cookie - looked terrible. Nothing a little more sugar can't fix.

With all that said, I give you my Snowman Poop!

Nightmare #2 - Mint Thins

So this recipe is pretty simple. Melt some chocolate in the microwave, dip crackers into it, and sprinkle with crushed candy cane. Nothing could go wrong, right???

1. How many times can one burn mint chocolate chips in the microwave? Twice. There goes that bag of chocolate chips.

2. Let's see if I can find some regular chocolate chips in my cupboard, awwh yes, 3/4 bag of left overs. How about I just do half of it, just to see how it goes. Excellent!!! Chocolate chips come out perfectly melted.

3. Dip crackers into melted chocolate - ok, that does about 15 crackers. Awwh - don't they look pretty! Let's put the rest of the chocolate chips into the microwave!!!! Whoops, burnt those too :(

4. So for about 1 1/2 hours work - I have 15 bloody Mint Thins to show for it.

May I present my Mint Thins - I have no idea how they taste - I thought it would look pretty sad to present 3 on a plate for Christmas.

Mini Butter Tarts

Yeah! Finally, no incidents!! I seriously would have thrown the whole thing out the window at this point if anything else had gone wrong.

And here are my Mini Butter Tarts - without raisons - yum!

So this was my Saturday, wait until I tell you about Sunday's Baking Day - I had more nightmares, tears, and said I was never going to bake for stupid Christmas again!!! Now those are Christmas memories LOL!! More to come...


Our house...

Just a photo of all the Christmas goodness. Overkill? Perhaps, but I am OK with that :)


And the Christmas tree!!!!

Yes, it is true: I do not have a life outside our home. How else would I have time to do our Christmas tree. I won't tell you how long it took but it took a loooooooooooong time. We don't have children, so I can do what ever I like.

Ta da! Eight feet of a million lights, ornaments and ribbon. I can't seem to get a decent photo of the whole thing so I broke it up into top, middle, and bottom.

Isn't Christmas super!

Fa la la la...

Christmas is here!! If you know me, you know that there isn't too much that is subtle about Deanne. Same goes with Christmas decorating. Christmas pretty much slaps you in the face when you step into our home :) ...And I love it!

The mantel: Yesterday it all came crashing down around me, breaking into many bits all over the floor. It was a disaster - glass ornaments were broken, the penguin stocking holders broke into bits, my stockings were in heaps, and there was glitter everywhere, plus my tears. Derek was there to calm me down. Thank goodness for my trusty hot glue gun. Now it is all secure and shouldn't be going anywhere.

And we can't forget lil Baby Jesus Snowman overlooked by Mary and Joseph, he is my absolute favorite holiday decoration.

My boys...

The boys, Peeps and Maxxy enjoying the Christmas tree - though really it was the sunshine coming through the window that they really loved.

And in this photo Peeps wanted my food, hence the reason for puppy dog eyes.


Pink scarved penguins...

Four little penguins all in a row - just waiting for Christmas decorating (that starts next weekend!!). These guys just came out to say hello.

Nothing screams Christmas like penguins in pink scarves!! Now all they need are stockings to hang on their hooks.

Christmas wreath... Check!

Next on the Christmas crafty list, the wreath that will go above the fireplace. I heart my glue gun again, it sure makes being crafty easier!

Very easy to make wreath:

1. place wreath (of any size) on a flat work service.

2. arrange as many ornaments as you feel is appealing to the eye. I have quite a few going on here.

3. take one ornament off, add glue from your glue gun and shove ornament back into place ;)

4. continue gluing and shoving, until all ornaments are adhered into place.

5. add a ribbon - I made mine with wired ribbon (ribbon that can be bent into shape). I used craft wire to adhere ribbon to wreath.

And there you have it, my silver-hot pink-blue-light pink-gold wreath! I figure I used about $5 worth of materials.

Christmas stockings...Check!

The Christmas stockings are complete!! I revamped my other stocking as it was getting too complicated, plus I was running out of ribbon.


stockings - I got mine from Dollarama (which is one of my favorite places to get great crafty deals). Of course only $1 each.

ribbon - bought at Michaels for 59 cents.

ornaments - I went with a smaller ball in pinks and blues, bought at Superstore for $4.99 for a package of (I think) 24. The rest will go on the tree, wreath, and mantel garland.

hot glue gun/glue sticks - which I haven't pulled out since our wedding 2 1/2 years ago.

And VIOLA! One of kind Christmas stockings for our mantel. For approximately $1.77 a piece you just can't go wrong.


What else can be done?

Now that the cards are finished, I am on to redecorating (again) our living room built-ins. Terrible photo, but me and Derek are quite happy with the results. And for the record, Derek did not help, he just gave his approval in the end (just the way I like it).

See? I need to take a picture in the daytime with some natural light.

All the Christmas cards are complete...

Don't get me wrong, I love making cards for people. But after making so many my paper "craftiness" dissipates. So these are a few of the last of them - all finished for another year.


And the stockings were hung...

This is our first year ever to have a fireplace mantel and I have been so excited to to decorate it. I started making stockings to hang.
This is the first of four.

(I have been having oodles of computer problems - I will post more when I can)


Noel & Peace...

The jolly season continues. I tried to think of Christmas key words: noel, peace, snow (at least here anyway), tree, and Santa himself.


It's raining baby...cards...

Between Christmas cards I have taken a break this evening to do up some cute lil baby cards.


'Tis the season...

It is official, less than two months until Christmas!!! I have been busy like an elf, making cards for all the good boys and girls :D Now I just need a day off from my weekend card making frenzy (I "whipped up" about 40 cards and 40 the weekend prior too) - I am officially pooped!! Only about 15 more to go!

I feel the Christmas spirit - everytime I made a card that had "Let it Snow" or a "Holly Jolly Christmas" embellishment would (and still does) put me in song.