Artsy fartsy...

Some say I redecorate like I change my underwear. Not a week goes by without me rearranging, revamping, redecorating, restoring, repainting, refurbishing (you get the point). So this weekend I got the bright idea of re"theme"ing (is that a word) our living room. I wanted bright, cheerful, and airy. So I got busy with the new beach theme. Nothing over the top. Just a hint of the seaside. Ofcourse, I makeover wouldn't be me, without doing it on a budget :) I thought I would share just a bit of what I did this weekend - hope you don't mind.

My candles that I re-did (cost $0). BTW: I don't burn pillars - so the ribbon will be unharmed.

My seaside painting:
Costs - $3 for more blue paint
50 cents for the bristle board paper
(everything else has be recycled)

Here is the end result for the mantel. My $3.50 painting (which is supposed to represent sand, water and the sky) and I spent $1 on stone-look spray paint (got it on clearance). I spray painted the pillar candles with it.

So for a total of $4.50 - I gave the mantel a whole new look!


An evening of hallway running...

I think I hurt my neck. For a few hours straight I have been running up and down my hallway in the dark with a lighted two-by-four in my hands. What a sight!!!! But I suppose I got my exercise for the week. I had to quit early because my light batteries went dead, which is just as well - all my creativity left an hour prior to that.

Running around in circles, making myself dizzy:

Running around in circles making hearts:

Running around in circles making a mess:

Very bright and simple. It is supposed to be a bow with ribbon (seriously, that is what I was trying for-too bad it didn't work out better). This is my contest entry this week:

And, so you believe me about the two-by-four, here it is: straight from the garage. I stuck some good for nothing lights on it and taped some colored tissue paper too. What a beauty!

"Lights on a Stick" :D


Lil pink curly-que...

I took this shot yesterday in the backyard. Our unknown vine is turning a fall pink color.


Light writing - Attempt #2...

So exiting! I got the shutter speed fixed with the help of Derek - I was going the opposite way that I should have been :S (ok, ok, I give 80% of the credit to Derek-he can obviously read the manual better than I)

Without further ado, I give you...

A mess (but a 15 second mess)!!

Hmmm, I am on fire?

Wellllll... I tried... I can't leave the lens open enough to right a letter, let alone something fancy! I have no idea what I am doing wrong LOL - maybe it's my dang camera.

So, here is my first attempt at "light writing"
Uhmmm... "A" is for "apple" :D

Then I thought I would try to get really creative. I wanted it to look like I had a fire bomb coming out of my hand (probably a bit too over ambitious) and instead, it now looks like my orange face is on fire. :D
I am off to try some more.


A bit of friends...

I was fortunate enough to visit with an old friend last week. A few days later while I was painting our front door I noticed a van pulled up to our house. I started mumbling under my breath because I thought it was a door to door salesman. Well turns out it was a flower delivery van dropping off a beautiful fall bouquet at my door!! That never happens! It was my friends way of saying thank you for a lovely visit - how sweet.


Me against the night...

I tried, I really tried. My camera obviously isn't made for night shots :( Plus it probably doesn't help that I don't know what I am doing. I even bought a big fancy tri-pod LOL

Here is my attempt at the night skies - it was beautiful.


Throw some red shoes on her...

...and call her the Wicked Witch of the West! These photos aren't the best composition but they sure are funny!

Miss Baby:


Eye know something..

My sweet kitties today being lazy:

Miss Baby

And Maxxy

Train and grain...

Trains, wheat and thistle - it doesn't get more Saskatchewan then this. I have yet to figure out what the red piece of metal coming out of this field is, but it posed very nicely for me ;)