Slipper chairs are here!

Derek and myself have compiled a "reno" list of things to do in 2009.

Step 1. Replace front living room furniture.
Step 2. Repaint dining room and kitchen. I had painted not even a year ago dark khaki green, and for both me and Derek and just isn't working. I think there is too much of a yellow base and Derek thinks it looks like snot *sigh*.
Step 3. Replace the outdated carpet in living and dining rooms with wood flooring.
Step 4. Replace the old kitchen counter tops, tile back splash and new lighting.

We were able to complete half of Step 1, which is truly exciting for us.

This living room before, though beautifully painted by yours truly, lacked any sort of style. I had replaced all the dusty rose blinds with just simple white blinds. The price was right - I think each blind were $1.25 (big sale at Wal-mart). But it still had the living room blahs.

Here come the slipper chairs! They were half price, only $88 each! Everything else in the photo below is from other rooms in the house. I had purchased the sky blue curtains a few months ago to warm up the space (and for $3 a panel it was a steal of a deal)!

Now in a few months we will hopefully have enough money saved to replace the loveseat.

I am so HAPPY! Things are starting to pull together nicely.



Baby stares very intently at her best friend (a piece of string) in my hand.


Seaside blues...

Craft project #2 of the year
We went shopping yesterday and I was inspired by these 12 x 12 inch frames I found (for only $2.99 each may I add). So I bought six of them and took them home for a crafty night.

Here they are prior to their makeover:

Added my colorful additions:

Next step - paint frames white:

And the finished product, all for a total of $20. So simple to do but makes a nice bright interest to our living room wall.


Holy crap - let it snow!

I ran out quickly after work today (in my slippers) to grab a couple of photos. Don't let the first one fool you - our snow bank is actually past my waist (we have really big steps). We have no more room for snow! We also planted 6 foot cedars on the other side of our property and we pretty much have them covered in snow banks too, just their little tops are poking through. It's time like this when I wished we lived in a condo.... in Florida...

Well that's Saskatchewan winters for you - oh well.


She sells seashells...

I completed my first craft project of 2009 last weekend. I happened to be at Michaels (shocking really) and came upon some new beach themed frames. A 4 x 6 shadow box was $24, personally I found that a bit too pricey and set out to make my own. I was able to find almost everything at Michaels. The 11 x 14 shadow box was $15 (on sale) and I used my 40% off coupon on a 4 x 6 photo mat ($5). I knew I had a huge bag of unused shells and that I had taken a photo of a seashell at the beach this past summer (free and free). While I was out at the mall I found a silver metal starfish for $4. And there you have it -- a really big fancy schmancy shadow box, hand made for $24.

I have such a hard time finding beach theme goodies. And the things I do find cost a fortune. If anyone out there sees or knows of a good place to buy this stuff PLEASE be kind to a girl (that is me) and let me know (thank you).


Pine fresh...

Well after being spoiled by Derek for Christmas I got another surprise on the weekend. Derek bought me this beautiful solid pine cabinet for an early Valentine's Day present. My job was to assemble the two giant boxes of pieces. Two days later... Viola! And yes, I absolutely love putting things together - get me a hammer and a drill and I go to town. Isn't she adorable?? I have wanted one since we moved into this house a year ago - thanks Derek!


Christmas kids...

Betcha thought I'd never be back. I had a week and a half off from work and I try to stay away from the computer when I am on holidays.

So that being said, here are really the only photos I took Christmas morning - our kids :D

Baby and her new bed (don't tell her I left the price tag on)

Peeps, enjoying his new Christmas outfit - don't let his sad face fool you - he loves dressing up.

Maxx, enjoying the bed - should have gotten two - they both can't fit into this one.

And that is that - I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas season.